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Jan 5, 2011


Expanding to Meet Market Demand

IRVINE, CA - PM Realty Group (PMRG), a national, full-service commercial real estate firm, today announced the following individuals have joined PMRG's Western Division to provide expanded commercial leasing and investment sales expertise:

- Marty Stradtman, Vice President, Brokerage Services
- John Murray, Vice President, Brokerage Services
- Ken Arimitsu, Vice President, Brokerage Services
- David Girty, Vice President, Brokerage Services

The expanded team comes on the heels of a strategic move to grow the company's local brokerage presence in Southern California. As Vice Presidents, Stradtman, Murray, Arimitsu and Girty provide extensive experience representing many international and national institutional real estate companies, corporate and private clients and individual investors in the successful leasing and sales of their commercial portfolios.

"The wealth of experience and personal relationships within all facets of the commercial real estate industry throughout the Southern California marketplace will provide PMRG's national 'full-service platform' with expanded commercial leasing, sales, and management opportunities and capabilities," said Jim Proehl, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Western Division. "The newest team members have been in the industry for more than six decades combined and are well-respected in our field. I'm confident that this strategic expansion will enable PMRG's Western Division to continue to expand its local presence and grow to be even more competitive in this market."

About PM Realty Group

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, PM Realty Group (PMRG) is one of the nation’s leading real estate companies focusing on comprehensive property services, development and acquisitions. With a strategic presence in 30 markets, PMRG provides the highest quality services to its clients and investors. PMRG’s clients and investors include large financial institutions, advisors and high net worth individuals. By capitalizing on the team’s experience and expertise, PMRG has the ability to undertake large and challenging management, leasing, development and acquisition projects.

PMRG’s portfolio, including projects managed for third parties, includes commercial office buildings, mixed-use centers, corporate headquarters, industrial buildings, medical facilities, high-rise multifamily buildings and re-appropriated military facilities.

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